a damsel with no distress.

People change.

A thousand painful memories probably crossed your mind at the sight of these two words linked together,remembering those damaging times when you were hurt by someone who you thought’s ultimate intentions were to make you happy.

But what you forgot to consider was yourself. Haven’t you changed? Haven’t you ever marveled at something that once made you sick to your stomach? Haven’t your beliefs and ideologies ever been under renovation,only to come out as completely different than what you, yourself, would’ve sworn by at some point?

But this isn’t about you. This is about my own meandering mind.

Two years ago I thought ‘damsel in distress’ would be the perfect url for my tumblr account. What better way to describe myself than as someone who wants to be swept off her feet by a hero who is going to spin my perplexing world around. He would just magically enter my world (we’d meet accidentally by bumping into each other on the street of course) and suddenly I’d be seeing rainbows and butterflies and I’d be, dare I say it, complete.

But when life forces you to go through all the lows and none of the highs all on your own, everything changes. And when you look back and realize that you, and only you, were the one who dragged yourself up from the times when you were experiencing rock bottom, you start appreciating yourself.

I think there’s a certain point in life when you realize all you ever really had was yourself. And its that point when you have to decide whether you should be your own hero or crumble away into self destruction.

But this one is specifically for all the women out there. Don’t allow the media to make you feel like you need ‘him’ to be complete. Don’t allow the movies to make you feel like you can’t turn your own life around. And no, despite what the two billion songs written about love make you believe, being in love isn’t the best thing that can happen to you.

Don’t wait for someone to rescue you. Be your own hero. This is your own story, your own decisions, your own battles and your own triumphs.

Whatever you accomplish and succeed in doing you were able to do because of your own self. And this is not a cynical “I’ve-been-continuously-heartbroken” view on love, it’s the reality no one wants to face.

Falling in love with yourself doesn’t make you selfish or vain, it makes you indestructible. It makes you independent enough to know you can make it through any situation life drags you in. It makes you the hero you need yourself to be.

I think I have to change my tumblr url now.





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